From the material (artifact) to the cognitive artifact, practice and cognitive processes in the 3.0 web age.

Main idea

Experimenting  and monitoring of  the interaction between manual technical experience and the development of personal, cognitive and social skills through the integration of active and workshop methodologies.

Through the use of advanced digital technology the project proposes therefore to give performed act on key competences for lifelong learning where the student is the architect of his training, where his experience becomes value and sharing, where his manual skills are a process of knowledge.

We will base our work on the problem solving methodology and will start with concrete problematic situations which students will analyze. During this phase they will work in teams and build a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge which will help them to solve the problem.

The significant subtitle of our project “From the material artifact to the cognitive artifact, practices and cognitive processes in the Web 3.0 Age highlights the need, shared with our partners, of an educational experimental teaching that aims to show how the manual technical experience is closely linked to cognitive, personal and social development.

The conducted experiences aim to "measure" the growth process so that it becomes an integral part of the curriculum of every school. The obtained skills in the workshop field will be spendable and progressively integrated in the following years.

The teaching of English, supported by the strong motivation impressed by the participation in the project, as well as the using and training of CLIL will give sense and meaning to the educational work of the teachers.

Particularly significant appears to us the approach to the skills assessment that will be subject to subsequent adjustments and insights within each institution.

Teachers with regular meetings and, above all, electronically gradually will build an integrated methodology through the application of the most significant items of active, cooperative and metacognitive methods.

The participating countries are:

- Scuola primaria Istituto Comprensivo di Castelcovati - Italy as a coordinator

- Szkola Podstawowa im.Antoniego Kucharczyka - Poland

- Moorfiled Primary School - England


- Agrupamento de Escolas André Soares - Portugal