"Manual skills in 3.0 web age"
1st transnational meeting in Italy (24-28 October 2016).

The first official transnational meeting between the coordinators of each  school(Poland, Greece, Portugal, England ) was held by the Istituto Comprensivo «MARTIN LUTHER KING» Castelcovati near the city of Chiari,Italy(the coordinator of the project). Each partner school was represented by two teachers.

The purpose of the meeting was to organize the project in every detail. The meeting focused on the following issues:

  • The partners planned all the appropriate activities that are to be carried out during the project and they also agreed upon the results that are expected upon the completion of the project. Furthermore, they defined and agreed upon the tasks and the responsibilities of each partner.
  • The date of the next meeting in Poland  was confirmed.
  • The project logo was selected from the work done by students from the above countries.
  • There were presentations (videos/slides) of all partner schools.
  • We organized all the actions which will take place before and during the next meeting in Poland on April 2017 .During these five days, except from working hard on project tasks, we had the opportunity to tour around the area, to enjoy Italian  food, to meet and discuss with several teachers and students and generally we came in contact with the Italian culture and  civilization.

Photos from the meeting.

             Contest for the logo of the project.

The Portuguese logo was chosen to represent our partnership.