2nd Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers.

 2nd Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers.

9th-13th April 2018  

Braga ,Portugal.

Two teachers and two students from 4th Primary School  of Edessa –Greece participated in the 2nd Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers ,hosted by the Portuguese school“ Centro escolar do Fujacal ” in Braga, within the framework of Erasmus+ KA2/"Manual skills in web 3.0 age

Teachers and students from Greece, Italy and Poland presented the activities  that they had prepared in their home countries during the second year of the program and participated in experiential workshops, gaining significant knowledge and unique experiences.  The learning activities in Braga, Portugal, offered excellent insights to the participating teachers and students as they were given the opportunity to be involved in an interactive, cooperative, multicultural empirical learning environment with multiple benefits.

Through the mobility that took place in Portugal, children took initiatives, strengthened their personality and their self-esteem as they performed activities in front of a multinational audience and cultivated the ability of communication. At the same time, they used their skills in foreign languages ​​and computers, since they had to prepare presentations about their country. A lot of  guided tours were also organized ,as a chance to see the surroundings and get to know the culture  of Portugal (trip to the city of Guimarães  and  visit to  the local museum, sightseeing  the historic  centre of Braga and Bom Jesus)

It was a well-organized meeting with all its aims and objectives being met to the fullest. The climate among the participants was very warm and friendly.The families provided the warmest hospitality while our students are excited about their participating in this trip

The two students of year 6: Matzididou Alexandra and Piga Aristea, who willingly participated in all the activities, were accompanied by the teachers:Siolou Maria and Parzali Vasiliki.

Photos from the meeting:


Highlights of the meeting on the following video:

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