Definition of artifact: artifacts made of salt dough.

Type of workshop:why and how workshop.

Integrated methodologies:brainstorming,cooperative learning,Metacognitive problem solving.

students involved:3rd,4th and 6th class.Total number :40 students.

Interaction of school subjects:Greek Language,ICT,Science,Art,English.

Aim:make salt dough-create artifacts using the dough


First step.Brainstorming.The main materials were presented to the students.(flour, salt and water).The question posed to them was:How can I mix these ingredients?What will come out after their mixing together?

Second step.Seeking information-assign group tasks.students were divided into small groups and were assigned diffent tasks(find information through the net,present their findings,take photos,record the process, make a video in English)and started designing the solution.

Third step.Demonstration of their findings about how to make salt dough

Artifacts made of salt dough

Fourth step:making different artifacts using the dough.

After the dough had been made, the students had to deal with the next question which was :What can I make with this mixture?Students came up with a lot of ideas and they started working with the mixture.

So they started making different things.After a while our workshop was filled with small animals,stars,bells,trees,even words



At the end students decided to use their artifacts and decorate the school christmas tree.







Materials used:flour,salt,water,colours,cookie cutters,straw.

Cost: all the above materials were brought by the students from their home.


Final step:Evaluation.

A questionaire was handed out to all the participant students.The results were very encouranging,since the majority of the students was enthousiastic with the activity,they enjoyed it very much.They found the process of actively participating into making something with their own hands and then using it,really fascinating. They expressed their intention to try this with their parents and friends.We consider that the initial aim of the workshop was in every aspect accomplished.