Title of workshop: School Presentation

Students involved : 5th and 6th class. Total number: 35 students.

Integrated methodologies: brainstorming, cooperative learning.

Artifact: video .


  • Exercise in group work and collaborate.
  • Use of ICT in order to produce multimedia product.


First step: brainstorming. Students were gathered together and had a discussion about the first task “make a presentation of our school” which would be presented to our European partners during the first meeting in Italy.

Second step: group work. Students were divided into small groups and took up different tasks. Take photos, find images from the web related to the history of our region, work on the computer using media tools ( powerpoint ,windows movie maker ,youtube) .Find information on the internet about how to insert English subtitles and music to the video. Presentation of the information in class. Find solutions and make decisions about the outcome of the product.

Finally , there was an assessment of the course of work and the final product ,through a questionnaire that was handed out to the students involved.

The first task of the Erasmus + project was done. The students made a video presenting our school