article about the 4th  Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers  in Castelcovati,Italy in the local newspaper.

20th-24th May 2019

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article about the 3nd Transnational meeting of teachers  in Edessa,Greece in the local newspaper.

10th-14th December 2018 

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article about the 2nd Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers  in Braga,Portugal in the local newspaper.

9th-13th April 2018  

 article on local website and facebook:

article about the visit of teachers  in Widnes,England in the local newspaper.

(06-10 November 2017)

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Presentation to teachers and students.


There was a power point presentation to all the teachers and students of our school,concerning the visit of three teachers and three students in Poland.

There was a detailed description of our visit with slides,videos and photos.

The mascots of each country were shown and described(what each one represents)

At the end, the students that visited Primary School in Paszkówka shared their experience and their impessions with their schoolmates.





There was a Power Point presentation  of the project(aims,duration,planned meetings,mobilities of students...) and of the partners schools to parents.





The students and teachers of our school were shown the videos of the partners school presentations and were informed about the first meeting in Italy.