The teaching- learning and cultural activities that took place ,from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd March 2019,in  Edessa,Greece, within the framework of the Erasmus + KA219 project  "Manual skills in 3.o web age" 2016- 1-IT02-KA219-024618_4, at  4o Dimotiko Sholio Edessas ,were successfully completed.
6 pupils and 3 teachers from "Istituto Comprensivo «MARTIN LUTHER KING" Castelcovati -Italy and 2 pupils and 2 teachers from "Szkola Podstawowa im.Antoniego Kucharczyka"   Paszkówka - Poland, as well as the Erasmus + group of Greek pupils and teachers participated in the 3rd short-term exchange of pupils and teachers in Edessa-Greece.
The aim of the exchange meeting was, among other things, to communicate and interact with  the students and teachers  and  the local community as well as to get to know  our town and the way of life in it.
On Tuesday, March 19th, students and teachers were guided around our school by students of year 6, took part in common experiential activities and games, creating strong bonds  between them.  Various workshops were also implemented ,involving  pupils and teachers of all schools, reinforcing manual skills and thus contributing to mutual approach and communication.As a warm up activity,  both students and teachers  took part in a body percussion experiential activity where the human body was the original musical instrument. Using the body in this manner gave us a direct experience of musical elements  and helped us internalize rhythmic skills.They also participated in the revival of the "Helidonismata" a very old custom related to the welcome of spring.Then, spring carols were sang by students and teachers  in the streets around our school.We also made musical instruments from recyclable materials as well as Easter eggs with the technique of Decoupage.
There was also discussion about details and final agreements on the drama performance to be put on during the last short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Italy.
On Wednesday 20th March 2019, we were welcomed in the Centre of Environmental Education (EDC) in Edessa, visited  the Open-air Water Museum,the Waterfalls and the Aquarium-Reptile House.The activities implemented there, included  training about the environment, workshops and awareness-raising actions, while emphasis was  given to experiential learning, the active involvement and taking initiatives.
On Thursday, 21st March,  a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Pella was organized ,there our guests had the chance to discover and admire the uniqueness of the archaeological site and the great number of exhibits of the modern museum. Let us also mention the farewell dinner, where parents, students and teachers enjoyed traditional Greek dishes, met our warm hospitality and culture thus creating strong bonds of life-long friendships.
On Friday 22nd March, farewell was difficult. Students thanked the families who hosted them and considered them as their second family.
We warmly thank all the families of the children of our school who have hosted the 8 foreign students  in their homes, demonstrating the meaning of Greek hospitality.
Finally, the visit  of foreign students and teachers was completed by visiting the White Tower Museum in Thessaloniki where they had the opportunity to experience the history of the city and admire the splendid view from its top.
The taste that has been left to us from this meeting is that our efforts have been successful in terms of both pedagogical and cultural goals.

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3rd Transnational Meeting in Edessa- Greece (10th-14th December 2018).

The 3rd Transnational Meeting of Teachers from the 4 European countries of our partnership(Italy ,Poland, Portugal ,England) was organized by 4o Dimotiko Sholio Edessas  within the framework of Erasmus+ KA2/"Manual skills in web 3.0 age."

The 3rd Transnational Meeting was hosted by the Greek school in Edessa-Greece from 10th to 14th December with the participation of Greek teachers and 8 teachers from Italy, Poland, England and Portugal .

The following issues were addressed: Detailed definition of the last year program: activities and deadlines. Discussion on: the methodology to be used, the shared Guidelines, the pupils’ exchange mobility agreements and the last closing meeting. The foreign delegations were guided around our school ,experienced the Greek school life and had the opportunity to enjoy our students' performance,with traditional dances and Christmas carols during the official assembly.

Apart from the discussions on the evaluation of the activities of each school and the planning of the activities of the last year of implementation of the program, our partners experienced the Greek hospitality and got acquainted with the Greek culture. They also had the opportunity to get to know the rare beauties of our region by the excursion to ‘Pozar’ Thermal Baths as well as the guided tour to the historical settlement ‘Varosi’ and the waterfalls. There was also organized an educational visit to the archaeological site of ‘Vergina’ where the teachers had the opportunity to see and admire monuments of global historical interest.

It was a week of collaboration and unforgettable experiences that will be memorable for everyone.

Finally, the next meeting is to be held in Edessa in March 2019, with the participation of teachers and pupils from Italy and Poland.

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 2nd Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers.

9th-13th April 2018  

Braga ,Portugal.

Two teachers and two students from 4th Primary School  of Edessa –Greece participated in the 2nd Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers ,hosted by the Portuguese school“ Centro escolar do Fujacal ” in Braga, within the framework of Erasmus+ KA2/"Manual skills in web 3.0 age

Teachers and students from Greece, Italy and Poland presented the activities  that they had prepared in their home countries during the second year of the program and participated in experiential workshops, gaining significant knowledge and unique experiences.  The learning activities in Braga, Portugal, offered excellent insights to the participating teachers and students as they were given the opportunity to be involved in an interactive, cooperative, multicultural empirical learning environment with multiple benefits.

Through the mobility that took place in Portugal, children took initiatives, strengthened their personality and their self-esteem as they performed activities in front of a multinational audience and cultivated the ability of communication. At the same time, they used their skills in foreign languages ​​and computers, since they had to prepare presentations about their country. A lot of  guided tours were also organized ,as a chance to see the surroundings and get to know the culture  of Portugal (trip to the city of Guimarães  and  visit to  the local museum, sightseeing  the historic  centre of Braga and Bom Jesus)

It was a well-organized meeting with all its aims and objectives being met to the fullest. The climate among the participants was very warm and friendly.The families provided the warmest hospitality while our students are excited about their participating in this trip

The two students of year 6: Matzididou Alexandra and Piga Aristea, who willingly participated in all the activities, were accompanied by the teachers:Siolou Maria and Parzali Vasiliki.

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2nd Transnational Meeting in England (06-10 November 2017).

The second Transnational meeting was held in Widnes,England(6-10 November 2017).  The meeting was organized by Moorfield Primary School in Widnes near the city of Liverpool.

The delegations of all countries(Italy, Portugal, Poland and Greece) were represented by two teachers each.

Our country was represented by the project coordinator Maria Siolou and the school teacher Vasiliki Parzali.

The meeting focused on the following issues:

-Evaluate the project up to this stage, with all the partner members,  verify, compare and analyze the objectives, whether they have been accomplished during the first year.

-Detailed definition of the second year programme  in accordance with the practical requirement of the project: activities to be accomplished till the next meeting, timing and deadlines, discussion on the methodology to be used, monitoring ways, pupils’ mobility agreements(exact dates ,number of participants ,workshops to be presented) travel details and other arrangements for the following meeting .

The cooperation and communication was perfect at all times, resulting memorable impressions and the spring board of an active and quality continuation and implementation of the project. In conclusion, this Transnational project Meeting was a unique profession experience on a personal and collective level.

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1st Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers.
24th-28th April 2017
The first short-term exchange meeting was hosted by the Polish school. The meeting was organized by Szkoła Podstawowa im. A. Kucharczyka Paszkówka near the city of Krakow.The topic of the meeting was “the Why’ workshop as an approach to teaching problems through simple Learning Units dedicated to solving problems in context. The Greek Erasmus+ team took part in this meeting with 3 teachers and 3 students. The students were hosted by Polish families. Both teachers and students had the opportunity to take part in a great variety of activities and workshops , perfectly organized by the hosting school. During the official welcome ceremony coordinators of partner schools exchanged project mascots that best represents each country.At school, students and teachers of all delegations got to know each other via ice-breaking activities (orientering,camp fire).

We participated in workshops related to experiments (with gases and liquids),repairing things (bike),making artifacts out of simple materials(hay, screws),robotics, sports activities. The students of each country presented the workshops  that they had prepared in their home countries for this meeting. The students from all four countries worked together in small internationally mixed groups.  A lot of tours were also organized ,as a chance to see the surroundings and get to know the culture  of Poland (trip to the Miniature Park and the Hold in Inwald, trip to Wieliczka salt mine, visit to the Schindler Museum, walk in the closed market in Krakow).

According to all participants, teachers, students and parents, it was a well-organized meeting with all its aims and objectives being met to the fullest. The families provided the warmest hospitality , the conduct and the cooperation of the students proved exemplary.It was a very successful meeting that helped strengthen the friendship among each other.

it was a meeting to be remembered!

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“Farewell and Goodbye Dear Friends” 

"Manual skills in 3.0 web age"
1st transnational meeting in Italy (24-28 October 2016).

The first official transnational meeting between the coordinators of each  school(Poland, Greece, Portugal, England ) was held by the Istituto Comprensivo «MARTIN LUTHER KING» Castelcovati near the city of Chiari,Italy(the coordinator of the project). Each partner school was represented by two teachers.

The purpose of the meeting was to organize the project in every detail. The meeting focused on the following issues:

  • The partners planned all the appropriate activities that are to be carried out during the project and they also agreed upon the results that are expected upon the completion of the project. Furthermore, they defined and agreed upon the tasks and the responsibilities of each partner.
  • The date of the next meeting in Poland  was confirmed.
  • The project logo was selected from the work done by students from the above countries.
  • There were presentations (videos/slides) of all partner schools.
  • We organized all the actions which will take place before and during the next meeting in Poland on April 2017 .During these five days, except from working hard on project tasks, we had the opportunity to tour around the area, to enjoy Italian  food, to meet and discuss with several teachers and students and generally we came in contact with the Italian culture and  civilization.

Photos from the meeting.

             Contest for the logo of the project.

The Portuguese logo was chosen to represent our partnership.