2nd Transnational Meeting in England (06-10 November 2017).

The second Transnational meeting was held in Widnes,England(6-10 November 2017).  The meeting was organized by Moorfield Primary School in Widnes near the city of Liverpool.

The delegations of all countries(Italy, Portugal, Poland and Greece) were represented by two teachers each.

Our country was represented by the project coordinator Maria Siolou and the school teacher Vasiliki Parzali.

The meeting focused on the following issues:

-Evaluate the project up to this stage, with all the partner members,  verify, compare and analyze the objectives, whether they have been accomplished during the first year.

-Detailed definition of the second year programme  in accordance with the practical requirement of the project: activities to be accomplished till the next meeting, timing and deadlines, discussion on the methodology to be used, monitoring ways, pupils’ mobility agreements(exact dates ,number of participants ,workshops to be presented) travel details and other arrangements for the following meeting .

The cooperation and communication was perfect at all times, resulting memorable impressions and the spring board of an active and quality continuation and implementation of the project. In conclusion, this Transnational project Meeting was a unique profession experience on a personal and collective level.

Photos from the meeting:

Highlights of the meeting on the following video: