1st Short-Term exchange meeting of students and teachers.
24th-28th April 2017
The first short-term exchange meeting was hosted by the Polish school. The meeting was organized by Szkoła Podstawowa im. A. Kucharczyka Paszkówka near the city of Krakow.The topic of the meeting was “the Why’ workshop as an approach to teaching problems through simple Learning Units dedicated to solving problems in context. The Greek Erasmus+ team took part in this meeting with 3 teachers and 3 students. The students were hosted by Polish families. Both teachers and students had the opportunity to take part in a great variety of activities and workshops , perfectly organized by the hosting school. During the official welcome ceremony coordinators of partner schools exchanged project mascots that best represents each country.At school, students and teachers of all delegations got to know each other via ice-breaking activities (orientering,camp fire).

We participated in workshops related to experiments (with gases and liquids),repairing things (bike),making artifacts out of simple materials(hay, screws),robotics, sports activities. The students of each country presented the workshops  that they had prepared in their home countries for this meeting. The students from all four countries worked together in small internationally mixed groups.  A lot of tours were also organized ,as a chance to see the surroundings and get to know the culture  of Poland (trip to the Miniature Park and the Hold in Inwald, trip to Wieliczka salt mine, visit to the Schindler Museum, walk in the closed market in Krakow).

According to all participants, teachers, students and parents, it was a well-organized meeting with all its aims and objectives being met to the fullest. The families provided the warmest hospitality , the conduct and the cooperation of the students proved exemplary.It was a very successful meeting that helped strengthen the friendship among each other.

it was a meeting to be remembered!

Photos from the meeting





“Farewell and Goodbye Dear Friends”