Musical Recycling

Classes involved: class fifth of Primary School, composed by 73 pupils.

Teachers involved: Roberta Festa, Claudia Svanera, Lucia Martini, Simona Piola, Valentina Franzoni.

Subjects involved: Art is the main subject involved for the creation of musical instruments, but there are also other subjects involved, for example:

  • Italian (production of descriptions, or regulatory texts, written and oral);
  • Informatic Education (costruzione di una presentazione power point e realizzazione del filmato);
  • Science Education (learning of the main features of materials used));
  • English (learning of english vocabulary about musical instruments);
  • Geometry (recognition of geometrical shapes);
  • Musical Education (execution of Marcia Turca) .

Time: about 10 lessons.

Methodology: The children of the four classes are mixed between them. During the work phases, teachers use different methodologies: brainstorming, work in groups, sharing, self-evaluation.

Product: The result is the creation of musical instruments, using recycled materials:

  • Drums
  • Maracas
  • triangles
  • Guiri
  • Musical sticks
  • Musical plats
  • cymbals

Using these musical instruments, children play the Marcia Turca

Expected competence (knowledges, skills, attitudes/behaviours):

  • Skill to use different materials;
  • skill to recognize the correct sound;
  • learning about geometrical shapes;
  • Cooperation;
  • Lintening to the teacher and classmates;
  • Skill to exchange ideas between the members of the group.
  • Phases of work:
  1. Initial prompt

The pupils decide to use their skill about playing Marcia Turca (they learnt it the last year); so, they decide to create own musical instruments with recycled materials, and then play Marcia Turca using them.

  1. Preparation

Al first, we do brainstorming at the blackboard; children think about materials that they can use: infact, they look for something that could reproduce sounds more similar than possible to the original ones.

  1. Organization

The children are divided in 7 groups; each pupil realizes the musical instrument that he played the last year. Each group try to use different materials that can riproduce the same original sound.  Then children realize a picture about their projects.

  1. Setting

The spaces used are the classrooms. The desks are arranged in groups.

  1. Execution

After having laid out the project, each group bring to school recycled materials that they need to create their instruments.

  • Drums: boxes, belts, wooden spoons, tempera, corks, wooden sticks.
  • Maracas: rice, plastic cups, scotch tape, tempera.
  • Triangols: hangers, strings, spoons.
  • Guiri: tubes, strings, wooden sticks.
  • Musical plats: cookware lids, tempera, corks.
  • Musical sticks: pieces of wood, tempera.
  • Cymbals: hangers, aluminum caps, tape.
  1. Final summary

The final result is the realization of the seven musical instruments, using recycled materials. These instruments are used to play the Marcia Turca. The children have been filmed. Then they create a power point to record the project.

Documentations about work done (photos)


The materials used to realize the musical instruments are ricycled materials.

The children used their imagination but also internet to have the ideas.

Evaluation/self-evaluation of route and final product by teachers and pupils

The children got involved and they knew how to organiza themselves inside the groups. Although with some difficulties, they listen each other and integrate their ideas with those of their classmates.

They are very satisfies for their final products.

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