Let’s discover the British Isles

  • Title: “The British Isles”
  • Classes involved: 93 students of the 5th year
  • Teachers involved: English teacher
  • Subjects involved Geography, English, British culture.
  • Time: 4/5 Hours
  • Place: classroom
  • Methodology: CLIL, team work
  • Result: knowledge of the main Geographical names of the British Isles concerning countries, capital cities, mountains, rivers, geographical elements, symbols and flags.
  • Competence expected:
    speaking/listening/reading skills about the above topic;
    Grammar : simple present of the verb to be, there is/are.
    Communicative expressions: where is...? What is the capital of...? What colour is...? Which is the longest river in...? Which is the highest mountain in.... Which is the symbol of...?
  • Steps:
  1. Presentation: the children starts observing a geographical map of Europe and a map of the British Isles
  2. Introduction: brainstorming (everybody tells names of any country, town, river...in Italian; everybody tells any travel experience in the British Isles or any information already acquired); revision of some European countries and nationalities’ names in English.
  3. Work and setting organization: working in pairs or small groups in the classroom with different stations for geographical maps, internet, books and video consultation.
  4. Activities: the students will learn the topic words through listening activities, cloze test, short chants or simple songs, speaking activities (questions/answers about the countries/rivers/mountains/capital cities position....using also the cardinal points), educational games (Guess the place) and role games.
  5. Notes:
  • This is considered a micro learning unit that is part of CLIL path (including history, science, art) the students followed in different moments during the school year.

Resources :
Authentic geographical materials ,
The adopted book “New treetops, gold edition, 5th year),
Texts and worksheets from the web,
Video from YouTube: The British Isles-Flags, emblems and nationalities - Memovoc page 61