We together….artifactors


Leonardo Da Vinci designs a machine that can travel in time and space and during his travels he will meet:

Daedalus and Icarus in the ancient Greece of King Minos struggling with a flight project that will exceed human limits;

Vasco Da Gama who sets sail from Lisbon to the city of Calcutta, tracing a new trade route and overcoming the Cape of Good Hope unharmed thanks to a new type of sail he designed;

William Shakespeare, immortal bard and universally recognized as the father of modern English theater, who has created an eloquent language capable of condensing complex and bold images and concepts;

Marie Curie Slodowska, Polish scientist then naturalized French, an intelligence capable of important discoveries such as that of radium and polonium and who was awarded with two Nobel prizes, for physics and chemistry.

At the end of the trips Leonardo is grateful to the Creator and, inspired by this experience, he paints the masterpiece of the Last Supper.

Thinking back to the known artifactors, Leonardo shows his great genius with projects that could support the inventions of the other artifactors.

The show will end with a last meeting among artifactors highlighting their ingenious curiosity and the importance of collaboration.

The myth of Daedalus and Icarus

Vasco De Gama - Portugal