Artifact- Mr Stop


Definition of ARTIFACT Mr Stop
Types of workshops to be carried out Technological workshopage- 10years old , grade 4

number of students- 17

Integrated methodologies Cooperative learningMetacognitive problem solving

Step 1. Brainstorming

Students wanted to find the way how to remember the road sign. They had variety of ideas about how to do it. The best idea was to paint the sign and use simple material to create a figure.

Step 2.

Designing of the concrete solution (list of material needed)

To do it you needed the following things:

  • wooden spoon
  •   a sheet of white paper
  • cardboard or paper in bright colors
  • wool or strings
  • 2 wooden sticks for ice cream
  • 8 wooden clothes pegs
  • stick for skewers
  • pieces of fabric
  • scissors
  •   pens
  • wood and paper glue


To sum up:

  • Cost of material- free (children collected all material that they have used before at home )
  • Aim- to make artifact

Step 3. Real making

After a few hours students Mr Stop appeared. Students used all material to make a figure. Mr. Stop is an artifact who will help you adhere to the rules of proper behavior on the road.


 Step 4 Evaluation

Students enjoyed this activities. They developed their imagination, creativity and creative thinking. Students put up hypothesis and verified it. They made it what had planned .