Artifact- screws and nuts figures

Something out of nothing – how to make variety of figures using screws and nuts

Definition of ARTIFACT Screw figures
Types of workshops to be carried out Technological workshop

age- 11-12 years old , grade 5 and 6

number of students- 10

Integrated methodologies Cooperative learning

Metacognitive problem solving

Step 1. Brainstorming

Students entered to the classroom and they saw a pile of screws ,nuts and variety of metal hinges. Most of tchem were recyclable.

The first problem that the students had to face up was the thought

what can be done with those screws ?

After a while they took some elements and ideas were coming up one after another….

Oh I’ve got a hook. I know. It’s the monkey’s  tail. „

I’ll make a tank . I’ve found the tracks.

I can make a book from this hinges.

Step 2.

Designing of the concrete solution (list of material needed,)

The ideas were great but how to make it ? Students had to face up with another problem. How to join the metal together? They couldn’t use a soldering iron, so they used hot glue.

To sum up:

  • Cost of material- free (children collected all screws , nut and hinges from their parents’ garages where they were scattered around)
  • Aim- to make artifact

Tools- hot glue

Step 3. Real making

After a few hours the screw figures appeared. We can recognize animals such as a bear, a monkey, small and big dogs and puppies, giraffes and cats. But also a sledge and Santa Claus. Students made a car, a contrabassist, a book and a table with chairs.

Step 4 Evaluation

Students enjoyed this activities. They developed their imagination, creativity and creative thinking. Students put up hypothesis and verified it. They made it what had planned .