Snowman from recyclable materials

Definition of ARTIFACT
Snowman from recyclable materials
Types of workshops to be carried out eco-sustainable technological workshopage-12 years old , grade  6

number of students- 18

Integrated methodologies Cooperative learningMetacognitive problem solving,brainstorming, problem solving,CLIL.

Interaction of school subjects: Polish Language, Art,English.


first step: brainstorming. How to make a snowman inside a school? That was  the first question. Students started to look for any ideas in the internet.

second step: group work. Students decided to use recycle material to make a huge snowman.They made 4 groups and they started working. Three groups of students were making a snowman, the fourth recorded their work.

third step: Students created snowman made of plastic cups and made a short clip of their work.

Material used: plastic cups, stapler, red and black paper, Santa Claus hat

Evaluation:  All the students expressed their satisfaction about participating into these activities , since they learnt something new in a different and more enjoyable way. Students developed their creative thinking and critical ability through the solving of a problem. They were also encouraged to raise awareness of an issue of ecological interest, to improve their communication skills in English, and to develop  manual and ICT skills in a collaborative group teaching framework .Finally ,both the design and the content of the activities  were positively evaluated by students and teachers.