Visit in England

Visit to England

 On 6th-10th November 2017 in the town of Widnes near Liverpool a 
visit of the Erasmus + project coordinators took place. Teachers from Greece, Portugal, Italy and Poland came to school in
 Moorfield. Our country was represented by headmistress Barbara  Dutka and a project coordinator Marta Wolińska. During the visit the tasks of the project and planned  stages of its              implementation were discussed. The date of the next visit was setThe student exchange will take place in Portugal, in Braga on
During the visit to Portugal, the students are going to present  their previously prepared work.
 In addition, during the school year 2017/2018, students of our  school will perform the following tasks in accordance with the   objectives of the project:
- Record movie clips presenting their work
- Why / How - they will make story cubes made of wood
- technological workshop - they will take part in workshops using ITC tools
 - eco-sustanable workshop - pupils use recyclable materials during workshops
- photo books- pupils' works in the form of a book will be        presented.