Visit in Poland

First exchange visit was held in 24th-28th in Primary School in Paszkówka. Teachers and students from Greece, Portugal and Italy visited our school. All students, parents and teachers were very excited and they were looking forward to seeing new quests. On the first day of the visit the official assembly took place. We greeted all visitors together with the Mayor of local government. After that students and teachers started to do the orienteering around our beautiful village . The had to do some tasks. They did very well, in the afternoon we sat around fireplace and baked sausages. Below some photos from the exciting time.

Next day students had to to a lot of project work. They fixed the bike, made the salt dough, designed  robots  during the robotic classes. They also took part in a school trips to know better Polish history and customs. They visited Wadowice, Kraków and Miniature Park. All of us spent an unforgettable time.