Visit in Portugal

On 9th-13th April 2018, another partnership visit took place in Braga, Portugal. The school of Agrupamento de Escolas André Soares was visited by students and teachers from Italy, Greece and Poland. The representatives of our school were students from 7 and 6 grades:  Kinga Augustyniak, Anna Haja, Zuzanna Rzepecka, Wiktoria Prażmowska, Łukasz Zawiła, Hubert Kania and Kamil Tomasik, teachers Marta Wolińska and Kinga Frączek.
We arrived at the school in Braga on 9th April in the late afternoon. We met with host families that took our students to their homes. Over the following days, each morning, we were coming to school, where workshop activities related to the project were held. Students from different countries showed how to make eg. musical instruments, wooden go-karts. Our students presented two short movie clips  which they showed how to make Story cubes made of wood and flip-flops from drinking straw.  We also learned how to make bread, students mixed the dough ourselves and formed loaves of bread, which they later received fresh, warm and fragrant.
Portuguese coordinator organized lots of trips. We visited the town of Guimarães, with a local guide we saw the historical center of Braga, as well as the famous Bom Jesus sanctuary. Unfortunately, the visit came to an end and on Saturday, 14th April , we had to return to Poland.  We left Braga in the morning and arrived to Porto. Because we had plenty of time we managed to walk along the beach in Porto.
For all students and teachers this trip will remain in their  memory forever.